70-200: The very best of blooms…

_DSC0570 _DSC0614 _DSC0621

I’ve had a concept in my head for a while, and yesterday it was put into action when I took some photos of my wife at the halfway stage of her pregnancy. We set off for my favourite of the local bluebell woods and had a fun hour or so (it was much colder than it looks here – she’s a great sport) for some shots for the family album.

I decided not to use anything shorter than 50mm for the shoot. I wanted a very natural appearance to the shots, and the coverage of bluebells is not so thick that they allow for many wide angle shots to retain the effect. So I shot low, long and shallow to use the bluebells as a colour wash. It was a lot of fun, and we’ve got a great selection of photos from the afternoon. Some of the shots I wanted needed a really shallow depth of field and a wider angle of view, so I used a different lens for those and they aren’t shown here (give us some ultra fast lenses please Tamron!), but I loved the look of some of these telephoto shots.


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