24-70: local architecture

In my pursuit of ways to make Rotherham look attractive, I’ve been out and about this month looking at some of the local landmarks.


Rotherham Minster at night. This was taken in the midst of the recent Saharan Death Smog, which seemed to completely miss the town centre. Also, I don’t think it was that deadly. There is a possibility that this image may appear on the cover of next year’s Rotherham Hospice calendar, so watch out for that. I turned off the VC for this one and used a remote release to get the sharpest possible result.


Monkwood cemetery church. I love this building. I walked past it many times without realising it was there. It’s no longer in use, but it has a very distinctive structure. I chose the long end of the lens to give a three-dimensional effect and to accentuate trees.



Conisborough Castle. Due to some modern fencing and the surrounding housing estates, this isn’t the easiest place get a good shot. For the first photo I used the close working distance of the lens with a tight aperture to get a shot that was recognisable but uncluttered.


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