24-70: Chatsworth House

_DSC8942-2The other half of last weekend involved a trip to Chatsworth House. It’s not somewhere I’d been before, and it didn’t take long to work out why it’s so popular. The “driveway” consisted of several hundred acres of land and more Fallow deer than I’ve ever seen in my life, and would be a pleasant place to visit in its own rights.

We walked alongside the house to the topiary maze, and had a real laugh trying to figure out the way in the the middle. Forty five minutes to get in, three to find the way back out! The Tamron 24-70 USD was the main lens used that day (a short break for macro photography), and in grounds this large it really came into its own.

_DSC8945 _DSC8984 _DSC8957_1

The lens is really crisp, all the way to the edges, which is obviously very important when photographing anything with bold geometry such as buildings. The cloud cover was really changeable for us that day (although we didn’t see any rain), but the 24-70 seems to hold sufficient contrast really well no matter what.

It was a bit of a shock to us that I had to leave my camera bag behind before entering the house (and even more shocking since the restrictions didn’t seem to apply to everyone), so I became reliant on the 24-70’s versatility quite unexpectedly. The image stabiliser came in quite handy, and the range of focal lengths and excellent close-up capabilities (a feature of every Tamron lens I’ve ever used) meant I was able to get a wide selection of shots with just the one lens.

_DSC9066 _DSC9068 _DSC9101 _DSC9120_DSC9064


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