24-70: Fitzwilliam Estate

_DSC7998 _DSC8082 _DSC8117 _DSC8153Fitzwilliam-estateI went for a walk around the grounds of Europe’s largest privately owned house the other day, which conveniently lies just three miles from my home. The weather was a bit changeable, but this isn’t really an issue since the Tamron 24-70 USD has built in weather seals. It’s a great walk-around lens for me, since the range almost perfectly matches the DX 17-55 that I used to use before moving to full frame.

In effect, the 24-70 is a wide angle lens, a standard lens and a short telephoto in one package. Great for when you have a range of subjects that don’t require more specialist equipment, and don’t want to change lenses every few minutes. When viewed that way, the slightly weightier feel of this lens seems worth it.


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