70-200: Edinburgh Festival

In all the commotion surrounding changing cameras, I completely forgot about uploading images from my recent trip to Edinburgh.

_DSC4152Edinburgh is my home city. I moved away a couple of years ago, but it’s one of the places I feel most comfortable walking around. I’ve photographed the Fringe Festival a number of times, so I’ve started looking for ways to keep it fresh. Unfortunately this year was one of the driest I’ve seen for good, talented street performers. So I had to look a little harder. Rather than focusing on the street theatre itself, I looked to the crowds. 


Any time large groups of people congregate together, there is opportunity to look for patterns in form and colour. A 70-200mm focal length is ideal for isolating these details from the often busy backgrounds created by such an environment. Of course, the location itself can’t be ignored, and Edinburgh has its own charm in that the city is full of coloured storefronts and subdued Closes. _DSC4161  _DSC4172_DSC4134 A  lens like the Tamron 70-200mm f/2.8 SP Di VC USD comes in great under such variable conditions. The built-in Vibration Compensation and fast maximum aperture means that you can get much sharper shots than you would expect with consumer zoom lenses with a much greater range, while producing a beautifully smooth bokeh even at higher apertures. _DSC4166_DSC3949 _DSC4187_DSC4174


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