70-200: Shooting video

One of the things which I try to do with this blog is to review the terms that people use to find their way here. Now and again, this will highlight some things which I haven’t thought of before. With the purchase of my Nikon D800, I’m finally able to answer a question that’s been unanswered for a while: how does the Vibration Compensation feature affect video use?

I’ve been curious to investigate this further ever since it popped up on my list. There are certainly aspects of the Tamron system which lend themselves well to video. Namely, that the system doesn’t have the occasional reset that users of Nikkor lenses with built-in VR may be familiar with, which causes the viewfinder image to jump after a few seconds as the focus point re-centres. The Tamron VC system works a little differently, and stays in constant use. However, I wondered how any such system would affect the sound recording.

Apparently, not that much when it comes to the Tamron 70-200mm f/2.8 SP Di VC USD. However, I can tell you that I tried the same thing with the 18-270 PZD, and it did not result in a clean recording. The difference in build quality between the two lenses became quite apparent: with no dampening, the 18-270 PZD tramitted the sound of the motor straight into the camera body. Also, I’ve found that autofocus is not a good idea either, on either lens. I should point out that I don’t have an external microphone, which would prevent any of these issues. However, I’m guessing that most people, like me, bought their DLSRs to shoot more stills than videos, so it’s unlikely that most people will routinely carry external mics.

[EDIT – apologies for the quality of the video; there seems to have been some compression during upload. I’ll try to rectify this in a future upload]


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