Apologies for the delays…

Sorry to regular readers of the blog, who will no doubt have noticed the lapse in posts lately.

Recently I was made redundant from my day job (which has nothing to do with photography whatsoever), and to prevent unemployment, I’ve had to rejoin the ranks of the minimum wage workforce. Unfortunately this has coincided with the unfortunate demise of my D300, which met with death at the hands of a collision with the ground. The real travesty is that this was the one model in the lineup which hasn’t had a direct upgrade in 4 years, which means that it’s very hard to come by one that’s in a decent condition, and it’s not really worth buying a brand new D300s, given the advances in technology and my awareness of how it limits me in my photography in a very competitive market.

So until such time as I receive compensation from my insurance company, and can find some way of raising the remaining funds required to replace it with a machine that isn’t a step backwards for me, I’m afraid that I’m without a camera, which means I can’t use the 70-200mm at the moment. Hopefully I can resolve it before I have to send the lens back to Tamron at the end of next month. I can’t begin to describe how frustrating this is for me.

Thank you for your patience.



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