Starting afresh…

Regular readers of this blog will have noticed that there have been a couple of changes to the appearance of the blog. This may seem a bit peculiar, given that the 365 day road test of the 18-270 was completed almost a year ago. So why the overhaul?

The road test turned out to be quite successful. Several people got in touch with me to let me know that they’d bought the lens in large part due to the results they saw here. So Tamron got in touch with me again, via ePhotozine, and asked me to do something similar for some of their other lenses. As a result, this site will now become a little more generalised, allowing space for a broader range of lenses to be mentioned on the blog.


3 responses to “Starting afresh…

  1. Looking forward to read and see your work. I’m one who was inspired by this blog and I’m now having two Tamron lenses in my bag.

    • Thanks Marcus, I hope they’re working out well for you, and that you’ve found the reviews fair and accurate.

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