Day 366: A new beginning

Seeing as the leap day fell into the dates of my challenge, I thought it would be appropriate to add one more photograph. And as I’ve travelled up to Scotland again to see my family, you can meet my new niece, just two weeks old, who I met for the first time today.

So there it is, a full calendar year, as charted out by the Tamron 18-270 PZD. With this shot, I’ve managed to chart every aspect life. I have tried to tackle the happy, the sad, the fast, the slow, and everything in between. While the Tamron hasn’t always been the best possible tool, I think I’ve proved that it can always be a capable tool, and I’ve come away with several shots that have earned places on the walls of my home. I’ve also picked up a few advanced techniques that will allow me to get better results, no matter what I’m using.

The highest praise I can give the lens is that I have become happy knowing I’m carrying it, in that I never need to miss a shot if it’s on the camera. I’ve had emails and conversations with at least seven people who have bought this lens either entirely on the results they’ve seen in my blog, or in part, and I know I’d feel confident enough in it to keep recommending it. It’s my perfect travel lens, and an ideal one-stop backup for all of my other lenses.

Now if you don’t mind, I have to go and find another hard drive, because I’ve filled this one over the last year!

Thanks for all of the encouragement, and thanks again to Tamron and for allowing me the freedom to do this.


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