Day 269: Spoiled for choice

It’s funny how after a period of some time which can only be described as a “dry spell”, you get the odd day where you are hit with an abundance of subjects.
Typically, my Monday mornings consist of a trip to a farm which my company runs, with therapeutic applications for the people I support. It’s a great place, and the ethos behind is it one of the reasons I chose to work for my current employers. Not everyone gets to start their week by feeding wallabies and handling reptiles!

More after the break…

Falconry is another one of their ventures, and I always feel quite jealous at not being able to take a more active role in it at present. However, it’s hard not admire such handsome creatures as these.
Later this evening, I attended a meeting at the house of a friend whose cat has recently birthed a litter of kittens (if anyone near Rotherham would like a kitten, there are three which are free to a loving home). We all fawned over them, and it was a lovely way to wrap up my day.

So, no shortage of animals to photograph today!


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