Day 235: Room for more

The day I flew to Cyprus, I talked about the kit I was able to carry by packing the Tamron 18-270 PZD, instead of my collection of F/2.8 lenses. I thought I would take the opportunity to show you just how much you can shoehorn into a small bag when you take advantage of the incredibly small size of the 18-270.

The full list of equipment (including that which was used to take the photo) reads as follows:

Nikon D300 with MB-D10 grip and Giottos arca-compatible plate attached

Tamron 18-270 PZD

SB-800 flashgun

*Bounce card

Sensor and viewfinder cleaners

Spudz cleaning cloth

Spare camera battery

*Gorillapod Focus with Ballhead X

*Set of 3 Kenko extension tubes

40GB of memory cards

Set of three LEE graduated filters

Spare plate for Gorillapod

*IR filter for pop-up flash

*Holder for additional battery on flashgun

LEE filter ring

*+3 Close-up dioptre and stepping ring

IR remote

*Flashgun stand

Thermarest lightweight pillow (good for use as a kneepad for macro, and reverse makes a good greycard)

Set of 4 spare eneloop batteries

*Polarising filter

AA battery tray for grip

Lens and body caps

Remote cable

Spare battery for remote

Lens pen

Bungee cord for off-camera flash


Items marked with (*) have to be left at home if I want to carry a 17-55mm and either the 70-200mm or 105mm macro. The kit above means I’m ready to shoot anything at the drop of a hat. Obviously the Tamron 18-270 is the key component to making this possible.


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