Day 194: Catcliffe Glass Kiln

You can see this structure from Sheffield Parkway, and I decided to have a look this week after my third trip down that way. There’s not much of note around it now other than bungalows, but it’s quite a prominent landmark. And it won’t be there forever if the locals get their way. Apparently they want it to be demolished because of fears that it’s unsafe (which I’m not convinced of) and its attraction to vandals (that part’s true – there were a couple of snowmen painted on the front).

Today saw something unusual for me: I actually remembered to use a polariser for once. This raised an interesting point. A while back I was sent some photographs taken by another user of the Tamron 18-270 PZD. They prompted me to write the following in the list of pros and cons:

Based on other’s experience of the lens, I can’t recommend the use of protective filters with the 18-270, due to vignetting (particularly at the widest extreme of the lens).

After today’s shots, I have to review this slightly. My circular polariser has a diameter of 77mm, as it was bought for other lenses. To use it, I have to mount it on a stepping ring. However, I saw no signs of vignetting even at 18mm today. So that’s today’s learning point: screw-in filters are fine, if you buy larger than you need and don’t mind leaving the hood off. Bigger filters are more expensive, but they will save you having to crop out the black corners that you’d get with 62mm filters.

Nikon D300; Tamron 18-270mm PZD @ 50mm; ISO 320; F/8; 1/160s. VC on.


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