Day 160: Oops.

I’m kicking myself today. I pretty much always shoot in raw format. This morning though, it was bitterly cold, and at some point this morning, my numb fingers brushed the controls, and I managed to knock the camera onto the small tiff setting. Because I shoot with raw processing in mind, the tiffs I got were really flat and uninspiring (and over-sharpened, which I do to ensure accurate focus). So you can have this one, from before my mistake, because I’m really not happy with what I got from the rest of the morning, which was otherwise stunning. It’s funny how much a little disruption to your normal approach can throw you off. The lens performed admirably as usual. The pictures suffered from camera thrombosis (clot behind viewfinder).

Nikon D300; Tamron 18-270mm PZD @ 18mm; ISO 200; F/10; 1/20s. VC on.


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