Day 152: Last-Chance Saloon

Tonight the Rotherham Photographic Society (of which I am a member) held their meeting at Harrison Cameras in Sheffield, certainly my favourite photographic suppliers in town and the most knowledgeable. We were treated to some very nice coffee, and a hands-on look at a wealth of equipment, including a range of tripods bought along by Dan Brown (not that one) of Manfrotto UK. As I’m all stocked up at present (until I find a sponsor for an FX-sensor camera – “good luck with that”), I took great pleasure in looking through a fantastic array of vintage cameras and lenses that have found their way there to have another chance to be enjoyed. I often feel a little pang of guilt when faced with a table like this, as I have an FM2 in the wardrobe which still has half a roll of 50 ASA black-and white film in it, and a roll of Velvia which is awaiting use.

Thanks to Jonathan and the team for playing host to us tonight. I get the impression that the evening was universally enjoyed.

Nikon D300; Tamron 18-270mm PZD @ 42mm; ISO 400; F/5; 1/13s. VC on.


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