Day 119: Morley High Street

We went to visit our friend this afternoon, and took a walk up to see her new house. On the way back, I took a few minutes to strap a gorillapod to a lamp-post to photograph the Christmas lights in town.

The Tamron 18-270 PZD works well with small tripods like this one, because it’s incredibly light. Even racked out (not here, obvously), it doesn’t overbalance the tripod (and keep in mind that this was mounted on a D300 held sideways – quite heavy), so it works really well as part of a complete compact travel bag. I’m able to carry around a tripod, camera, flashgun and lens for all uses all of the time now, which is great if you’re just popping out somewhere and don’t want to miss an unexpected opportunity.

Nikon D300; Tamron 18-270mm PZD @ 23mm; ISO 200; F/9; 6s. VC on.


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