Day 108: Forth Rail Bridge unveiled

The morning after the wedding, the the snow from the day before had all disappeared. There was a lovely softness to the light though, so I was really keen to visit the waterfront at South Queensferry. I lived within ten miles of the Forth Rail Bridge for about twenty five years. This morning is the first time I can remember seeing it without white tarpaulin covering large sections. It’s certainly the first time I’ve photographed it this way.

Nikon D300; Tamron 18-270mm PZD @ 18mm; ISO 200; F/10; 1/80s. VC off.

More images after the jump…

A little while ago, one of my readers asked me to show shots from the same viewpoints, taken from both extremes of the lens. Now, because the focal length shifts when focusing closely, I knew I had to find a distant scene to really drive the point home. So the next two shots should make sense of the incredible versatility of the lens. Both are taken from the exact same point, with the focus point in the same place for both shots, and no additional cropping:

Nikon D300; Tamron 18-270mm PZD @ 18mm; ISO 200; F/8; 1/200s. VC on.

I can even tell you that the numbers from the sails of the four clustered boats are 7121, 7084, 7082 and 7031.

Nikon D300; Tamron 18-270mm PZD @ 18mm; ISO 200; F/8; 1/160s. VC on.

The next two are a couple of panoramic stitches from different viewpoints. Seven shots each. You’ll have to take my word for it that the resolution of the full-size versions is fantastic. 


One response to “Day 108: Forth Rail Bridge unveiled

  1. It looks much better nowadays – just a shame there is no money in the coffers to pay for lighting it at night these days.

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