Day 106: First snow

It’s not much snow, but it counts. This was caught on my way up to Edinburgh, just above the Border viewpoint on the A1. I use a mitten to dodge the sensor, as the contrast difference was to strong to consider filtering, even if there had been a straight edge to the horizon.

For this kind of thing, the Tamron 18-270mm PZD is fantastic. I’m a little apprehensive about tomorrow…

Nikon D300; Tamron 18-270mm @ 25mm; ISO 200; F/13; 0.8s. VC off.


3 responses to “Day 106: First snow

  1. It hardly counts, its just a mere dusting :p But I’m sure there will be plenty soon enough!
    However your Dad was explaining the sensor dodging to me, which I find fascinating (of course) I think it is visible (maybe) in this shot, tree-line just below the horizon, still a very interesting process, I have never heard of it before your Dad mentioned it, one of your “inventions”?
    Either way I think I might to “have a go” some time.

  2. Wow. My monitor was backlit by the sun when I worked on this, so I missed that completely. Looks like the light wrapped around my glove. Must be careful of that, thanks.
    Yeah, I used to flag the firework shots, and it sort of grew out of that. Found it on my own, but have recently found someone else who’s been doing something similar for a while (Tony Powers; calls it “Magic cloth” and uses it for the Aurora Borealis. Stunning stuff)

    • Well at least there is not much wrong with my eyesight, I flag a fair bit for studio/location, flash shots, often not necessary for the torch stuff, so I guess sensor dodging is another evolution of that, though I’m not certain I would have thought of it myself and I’m sure its a lot harder than it sounds, time will tell I guess!
      I keep an eye here, very interesting, but don’t always comment obviously, hope you have a good Christmas and New Year and all that!

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