Day 91: Bolton Ings

Sometimes you just get a good feeling about the weather conditions, and feel compelled to act on it. The light only lasted a couple of minutes, so I had to work fast to find a pleasing composition. I like working under pressure, as it forces you to think (although if I’m being honest, I only work under pressure!).  I din’t even have time to work my magic with the mittens today: by the time I’d taken and reviewed this image, the colours in the sky were already fading. This image is a simple working of the raw data file. I’m pretty happy with it though.

If you look in the top right corner, you may see a very slight darkening, caused by a partial vignetting. It’s the only optical abberation that I’ve noticed with my copy of the Tamron 18-270mm PZD, and it’s gone by 24mm. It’s strongest in that corner, which is a bit odd, but it doesn’t tend to bother me (I’m betting that you wouldn’t pick up on it if I hadn’t pointed it out), as it’s very much dependant on the shooting conditions (it did take me a while to pick up on it). I should add that I’m fairly confident with photoshop editing, and because I always shoot in raw, this isn’t the issue for me that it could be for anyone who sticks to jpeg shooting. It’s very easy to fix, but I’ve left it here as it doesn’t hurt the atmospheric sky. In fact, I’ve come to love this little imperfection.

I have heard of the supplied lens hood causing problems for some people, so at some point I will try a shot with and without it to see if that’s what’s causing it. It may be that it’s just a hair too long.

Nikon D300; Tamron 18-270mm @ 18mm; ISO 100; F/7.1; 1/80s. VC off.


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