Day 85: Swarovski Polar Bear

We’ve had this little polar bear on our mantelpiece for a couple of years now, and I’ve been challenged to try and get a good photo of it. It’s named Mercedes, after Edinburgh Zoo’s female bear who sadly died last year. Hopefully this fits the bill, because I’m ready for the weekend…

Nikon D300; Tamron 18-270mm @ 85mm; ISO 200; F/25; 1/320s. VC on.

SB-800 from left; SB-R200 from right; SB-R200 with violet gel lighting the backdrop. +3 close-up dioptre used.

Elastic band used on the lens to prevent lens creep. I’m pleased to report that this worked very well, even if it did look a little “Heath Robinson”. Need to find a black band from somewhere now…


2 responses to “Day 85: Swarovski Polar Bear

    • Yes, but it’s pretty common with this type of lens. I make out worse for myself by using a heavy dioptre. It’s rarely an issue, but the last self portrait I attempted prompted me to look into a non-destructive fix. So far, it’s my only significant issue, as it can stop me getting a shot that I know should be possible. All other cons I’ve noted can be worked around, and can sometimes aid my creativity.

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