Day 76: myplace Rotherham

myplace Rotherham

In the year since I moved here, I’ve gradually seen this built from the ground up. While I think it looks  slightly out of place at the moment (as the first of a few planned developments), I think it’s a wonderful looking building, and I’ve been patiently awaiting the removal of a wire fence as it’s neared completion. It must feel wonderfully open on the first floor, as there’s no glass above the handrail that you can see.

Apparently it’s part of a multi-million pound project for local youths (11-19), and will include a cinema, rooftop cafe, IT suite and theatre. I think this is great news for Rotherham, and really hope that it’s a success.

Despite appearances, this is a single image, created with a pair of black gloves (I’m calling this “sensor dodging”, for lack of a better term).

Nikon D300; Tamron 18-270mm @ 18mm; ISO 200; F/10; 10 seconds. VC off.

Exclusive bonus images:

Details of the first floor accent lighting.

Nikon D300; Tamron 18-270mm @ 270mm; ISO 200; F/10; 6 seconds. VC off.


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