Day 50: Holy Trinity Church

Another example of HDR imaging tonight. This time it’s The Holy Trinity Church in Wentworth. Six frames went into this image, each taken one stop apart, with exposure times dropping from two minutes down to two seconds. I’m not entirely sure why it gets lit with green floodlights, but I think it looks great. The red colouring on the gravestones is the effect of tungsten lighting from the houses which overlook the churchyard. You’ve even got a few short star trails thrown in for good measure.

Nikon D300; Tamron 18-270mm @ 18mm; 200 ISO; f/9. Six exposures: 121s; 60s; 30s; 15s; 8s; 4s. VC off.

Bonus image after the jump…

If it wasn’t for the reflection of the trees which breaks of the outline of the bonnet, this shot of the Audi TT would have been my main upload for today. I love the graphic impact of the wrap-around lighting, which would only work on a clear night.

Nikon D300; Tamron 18-270mm @ 140mm; 200 ISO; f/9;  1.6 seconds. VC off.


2 responses to “Day 50: Holy Trinity Church

    • If you’re using a high ISO, then more shots can help to reduce the noise. You do risk more movement between shots though, particularly hand-held. I try to counteract this with a rapid burst. My camera will only auto-bracket up to 1ev apart, which is why I use five frames. Sometimes I’ll only keep the middle of the five, and the two extremes.

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