Day 41: Run Brian, RUNNNN!

I don’t fancy his chances…

The rain has brought hordes of snails out tonight, which reminded me to try a close-up dioptre on the 18-270.
I had to use flash for this, as snails are surprisingly quick when you try to photograph then at night. It’s all relative I suppose.

The dioptre allowed me to reduce the working distance of the lens, (which is fixed at 50cm, no matter what focal length you set it to). There’s definitely some mileage in this, and I’ll try it again soon. Macro lenses are great, but sometimes you just want to see your subject in the context of it’s environment.

Nikon D300; Tamron 18-270mm @ 18mm; 400 ISO; f/16; 10 seconds. VC off.


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