Day 28: Hoober Stand

After looking out of the window at grey skies all day, the weather cleared right up in time for sunset.

The scene here is of Hoober Stand, one the four local landmarks known as the “Wentworth Follies” (so you can expect to see the other three at some point over the course of the project). It gave me the opportunity to break out the filters again. I bought a stepping ring a few weeks ago, as it was considerably cheaper than the appropriate ¬†adaptor from LEE. Two 0.9 grads were used for this shot, and as you can see, the Tamron is sharp enough not to suffer too badly from the additional glass. There was no chromatic abberation caused by the filters, which tends to happen if it’s an underlying issue with a lens. The only thing I would say that worked against me was that the lens zoom retracted a little when I turned the filter holder from landscape format to portrait, because it’s quite light and smooth, and I was reaching from behind the camera. Hence the odd focal length. Thankfully it didn’t cut anything vital out of the composition, but it’s something to be aware of.

Nikon D300; Tamron 18-270mm @ 46mm; 160 ISO (baseline); f/11; 1/4 second. VC off.


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