Day 18: Duck and cover

Today we got the tail-end of one of the recent seasonal storms from the States, which resulted in some unusual weather. High winds, warm temperatures and blazing sunshine.
As a result, I made the conscious decision to try and capture some wind-related motion today. An important consideration for this type of shot is that you have to find a constant, unmoving anchor for your scene, otherwise it will just look like a big blurry accident. I decided to look to the shady areas of Elsecar Reservoir as a possibility. I started off with a polarising filter to lift the colours and slow the shutter speed down a little more, and I added a 0.9 hard grad to the equation after finding these white ducks taking shelter from the wind, just to balance out the exposure.
The 18-270 has a 62mm filter thread, which has had a cost advantage to me. My other lenses take a 77mm filter, so I was able to buy a stepping ring, instead of having to buy the relevant adapter from my filter manufacturers. This cost about three quid, instead of the normal twenty- five, and means that I can keep using my high-quality optical filters with minimal additional outlay.

Nikon D300; Tamron 18-270mm @ 35mm; 100 ISO; f/22; 0.3 seconds. VC off.

As a bonus, here’s a larger section, as I suspect that some of the mood is lost as a smaller upload:


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