Day 5: zoom zoom zoom!

I’ve heard it said many times that a piece of equipment needs to facilitate photography, not get in the way of it. I realised today that the 18-270 was small enough that I could try something I’ve wanted to try for a while (my other wide angle zoom is way too heavy to prop up at a funny angle with a gorillapod).

One thing I am starting to find is that the wide end of the Tamron lens is fast enough for most applications. If I want to use it in lower light, I just zoom with my feet. This shot was taken at 18mm, to make use of the zoom lock feature on the lens, preventing any unwanted creeping.

I’m going to try this again in the future, because I’ve had a couple of ideas for refining the technique. I had fun doing this though, and surely that’s the point?


3 responses to “Day 5: zoom zoom zoom!

    • I haven’t added anything to the car. The light on the gearstick is reflected from the dash. The exposure length may be making the green look brighter than it is.

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