The premise of the superzoom road test

My name is David R. Pritchard, and I’m an amateur photographer currently living in South Yorkshire. A certain website that I have been an active member of for a number of years,, was recently approached by Tamron and offered a lens to test (the 18-270mm F/3.5-6.3 Di VC PZD). The website decided that the best way to do this would be to offer up the challenge of a 365 day road test.

Due to certain personal circumstances, which I will explain shortly, my bid to take up the mantle was accepted. So now, as I patiently await my sample, I’m starting this blog as a way of charting my progress.

So why me?

  • I’ve been taking photos for a few years now, and will photograph most things, whether they move or not.
  • I’ve had a fair degree of success, having turned up in a couple of magazines, and winning a national competition a couple of years ago. People tell me I can take a good photo. Several people. Definitely more than two. Not just my mum.
  • I’m impartial. I’ve got a collection of very good lenses made by my camera manufacturer, and this is what the Tamron will be up against.
  • I’m off to Rome later in the year with my fiancée. We’ll be pressed for time, and I’ve been told that there’s no time to change lenses. I’m hoping a superzoom will prevent an international incident.
  • As well as attending a wedding later this year, I’ve got my own to plan. Lots of things going on for me in the next year.  I’ll be interested to see if a superzoom can hold up against the fast zooms I currently own.
and finally, the website I mentioned know where I live, so Tamron will be able to deploy a crack team of deadly ninjas if I can’t keep up my end of the bargain.
Frankly, I’d like to avoid the ninjas.

One response to “The premise of the superzoom road test

  1. i like the photos that you have taken , i have a Nikon d90 with an 18-70 zoom lens, and have just bought a nikon 18-200 vr 1 i am not very pleased with the pictures that i have taken with it , i am going to have a look at the one you have been using the tamron 18-270 , as i have only just bought the nikon i am being allowed the full amount back and just pay the extra, as the nikon is the vr1 and not vr2 i dont think its as good for me to hold steady. ps, Alex at tamron told me that i should have a look at the photos you have taken.

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